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Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Adventure Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day Custom Scavenger Hunt Adventure With the mad rush of the Christmas season and New Year’s, we finally relax a bit before another holiday arrives.  Valentine’s Day.  For some, this might be a truly meaningful milestone day, while for other’s it’s a slightly celebrated or entirely dismissed holiday. Thrill of the Hunt has a couple ideas to bring…

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Ski Club Scavenger Hunt

Any event can be turned into a scavenger hunt, even during the winter months. A ski club scavenger hunt?  Sure. Who We’ve talked about a Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt.  Well, the ski club from the Park Meadows Country Club from Park City, Utah decided to try it out.  They completed their first ski club scavenger hunt on the slopes at Deer…

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Top 40 Press Release Examples from the Pros

FitSmallBusiness 23. Thrill of the Hunt to Host Dog Scavenger Hunts, Nationally Heather Piper, Co-owner, Thrill of the Hunt The subject alone caught people’s attention, and gave Thrill of the Hunt exposure to increase ticket sales, further promoting our events without additional effort. It was used as a vehicle for interested parties to reach out to Thrill of the Hunt asking…

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Top 15 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas From The Pros

FitSmallBusiness 11. Arrange for an Exclusive Loyalty Scavenger Hunt  Heather Piper, Co-Owner of Thrill of the Hunt A custom scavenger hunt offers an adventure packed, personal activity with fun trivia and socialization, online and off. Not only does a scavenger hunt reward your customer’s loyalty, but it also gives you the vehicle to educate the customer and increase your store’s online…

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Company Holiday Party Checklist

We’ve talked about Holiday Party Planning. There’s a lot to consider. Now let’s look at the details behind a holiday party. Here are a few items you might want to add to your checklist if you haven’t already. Venue Usually, a deposit and an agreement or contract need to be paid and signed in advance. Final details might also need…

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Planning A Company Holiday Party?

Like it or not, we’re fast approaching September.  The close of September means the end of the third quarter.  What next?  This also marks the end of another year and the merriment of the holidays. Depending on the size of your company or organization, you might need to address your holiday party venue sooner rather than later. This may also…

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Are Trade Shows Dead?

Short answer, No.  Trade Shows are NOT dead. In fact, trade shows are favorably looked upon for their effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)*.  Let’s explore some basics that lead up to the ROI. In-person events and B2B trade shows are sought after by vendors, partners, participants, industry leaders and more.  Keep in mind, the industry focus plays a major…

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Employee Advocacy Study

If you haven’t noticed, we’re living in a digital and social media age.  It’s not slowing down or going away, maybe ever.  In fact, social media has infiltrated all avenues of life, playing a huge role in both our personal and professional lives.  The once drawn proverbial line is slowly fading, and for some, it may have already disappeared. What…

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Employee Advocacy Program Introduction

Companies are always looking for ways to increase their online reach, utilize their social media channels and work their talent pool.  How can companies accomplish these? Try an employee advocacy program. Incorporate your employees’ online connections and activity into the company’s social media strategy.  After all, organic resources can be the most impactful and show nearly immediate results. *Did you…

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