St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday of parades, green beer, and scavenger hunts?

This celebration has so many possibilities for activities that involve adults, children, and the entire family.

Let’s talk scavenger hunt.  I mean that’s what we excel in and it’s our expertise.  Plus, scavenger hunts are a great activity for age-specific participants or for a group with a wide age span.


Themed scavenger hunts are the best.  Not only are they easier to plan when basing an event on a theme, but they tend to rally the participants.  A specific theme lets participants know what to expect and how they too can be involved.  After all, with scavenger hunts, enthusiasm and interaction are the core foundations of the game.  This includes the participants as well as their online reach and anyone in close proximity to the event.  Use these resources for exponential fun.

Let’s take the leprechaun.  An iconic St. Patrick’s Day character and the perfect vehicle to follow along with on a scavenger hunt.  Also, a leprechaun is a magical creature who’s notorious for going after the pot-of-gold.  All good details to incorporate into your own holiday scavenger hunt.

Remember, there are creepy scary leprechauns and there are fun kid-friendly characters.  Make it age appropriate.


Before the scavenger hunt begins, set the stage.  Tell the participants the purpose of the scavenger hunt and what they should expect, including how they’ll be rewarded upon completion of the game.

Make up a story of a rogue leprechaun who stole the pot-of-gold and will hide it for all eternity if it’s not found before a certain time.   Perhaps said rogue leprechaun is planning on paying off thugs to disrupt the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Since the pot-of-gold shows itself only on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s now or never to get to the end.  Something like that.

Use your area as part of your story or incorporate any extra activities that might be taking place.  Make sure to consider the age group of your participants.


Use real coins, plastic ones or even those chocolates wrapped in gold foil to collect throughout the scavenger hunt.  Or save the chocolates for the end as the big prize, the pot-of-gold everyone is seeking.

The leprechaun can be the host, the one behind the clues, leading the participants around.  Use a leprechaun icon on the clues and challenges.  The participants could be the Lucky Charm kids trying to get their hands on the gold.  It’s fun to add commercial items to the details, such as cereal.

The participants could be the Lucky Charm kids trying to get their hands on the gold.  It’s fun to add commercial items such as cereal throughout the scavenger hunt and to add clues among the contents of the packaging.

The participants could be the leprechauns.  Have them dress in themed hats, tights, jackets and such.  Part of their responsibility is to spread the St. Patrick’s Day cheer by passing out themed stickers, beads and such.

A challenge could include bystanders.  The participant is a leprechaun who needs to create his or her own army of followers.  Tag the strangers with temporary tattoos or silly St. Patrick’s Day tchotchkes, with their permission of course in a non-threatening non-creepy manner. For an added challenge, use the bystanders to hide clues for the other participants.  In this case, you might want to tag the stranger with something noticeable like an umbrella, a hat, a fan or a big custom button.

Increased Interaction

As with all scavenger hunts, it’s a good idea to have the participants take photos and videos throughout the scavenger hunt.  The photos and videos could be used as proof for clues and challenges.  This is a fun way to relive the activity days, weeks or years later.

Use social media to increase the interaction and fun.  Have your participants post those pictures, videos and even status updates to social sites.

Like the colors of the rainbow, the ideas are endless.  Remember, use the luck of the Irish to help you with your scavenger hunt!  Good luck!

Did you create your own St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt or any holiday scavenger hunt?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

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