What is Thrill of the Hunt?  Simply, Thrill of the Hunt is a company that exclusively develops and administers to themed scavenger hunts for any occasion or celebration.

Thrill of the Hunt is educational, interactive, and perfect for all ages!

Who’s behind Thrill of the Hunt?  Originally started by two very sassy gals, Thrill of the Hunt was the brain child of sisters, Nicole and Heather Piper.

Currently owned by Heather Piper, Thrill of the Hunt continues to be headquartered at its humble beginnings of Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Our scavenger hunts can be found nationally and inquires reach out to us internationally.

Why a scavenger hunt company?  Why not?  The Piper sisters had a vision to take scavenger hunts to another level of adventure and excitement, and offer that experience to the masses.  Who wouldn’t want to partake in an adventure?

Thrill of the Hunt wanted to get people off their backsides, thinking strategically and socializing, while exploring their local communities, neighborhoods and cities.

How did Thrill of the Hunt come into fruitionOriginally, Heather thought of developing a themed scavenger hunt and approached her sister who loved the idea.

Nicole went a step further and suggested they create a company that solely focused on theme scavenger hunts with a modern perspective.  The idea of giving scavenger hunts this new dimension of incorporating technology, online tools and social media, and making the experience even more challenging and interactive was created.  Together, the sisters established Thrill of the Hunt.

 While the company offers custom scavenger hunts for company outings, trade shows, corporate events and team building functions, Thrill of the Hunt also offers public scavenger hunts in select areas.

The future of Thrill of the Hunt.  Thrill of the Hunt is working towards building themed scavenger hunts based on books, movies, pop culture, major events, musical artists and so on and so forth.  Eventually, Thrill of the Hunt will turn these ideas into true theatrical scavenger hunt experiences, offered in all major cities.  Stay tuned more to come!

Business opportunities.  Thrill of the Hunt wants to promote quaint communities, historic neighborhoods and support revived areas through partnerships with companies of all sizes.

Thrill of the Hunt offers “mom and pop” shops, local businesses and national brands the opportunity to drive traffic directly to their doorstep, or promote their brand through various cost effective efforts through our Sponsorship programs.

Donations.  Thrill of the Hunt wants to give back.

As the popularity of our scavenger hunts grow, Thrill of the Hunt will continue to donate a portion of our proceeds for each hosted scavenger hunt event to a local charity or organization, specific to the scavenger hunt theme.

Local charities and nonprofit organizations have the option of teaming up with Thrill of the Hunt to raise awareness for specific causes related to the scavenger hunt theme.

Where to begin?  You can take your love of scavenger hunts in one of two directions, purchase your very own custom scavenger hunt and host your own event, or participate in a Thrill of the Hunt hosted scavenger hunt event.  Read more about our Private Events and our Public Events.

If you’d like to learn more about our scavenger hunts, we’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.  Contact us at Game@thrillofhunt.com.