Last Thursday, Clark Hill PLC – Business Law Firm and Commercial Litigation – participated in a Thrill of the Hunt team building scavenger hunt.  The Touch of ‘Burgh’ Scavenger Hunt.

With every team building and company scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt addresses concerns, requirements and potential changes.  It’s all part of the game!  This custom scavenger hunt was no exception.

The entire Clark Hill group was broken into five teams of four individuals.  Clark Hill chose to create the teams, consisting of at least one local resident with a couple of out-of-towners.  Perfect!  This structure allowed the remote offices to mingle with the Pittsburgh locals, and it ensured success in finding their way around the city during the scavenger hunt.


Company Information Integrated

Thrill of the Hunt had to incorporate a few challenges revolved around the history and the company.  This is very common and a great way to educate your employees and build loyalty.  Remember, this doesn’t have to be dull or straightforward.  You can use this information to create challenges for the entire group or include multiple groups to work together.


Thrill of the Hunt had to begin the scavenger hunt at a specific location, end it at a different location, keep the participants within a specific radius from the first two locations, and the game needed to be kept between an hour and an hour and a half in length.  We can handle that!

Clark Hill had training and meetings at the Duquesne Club in downtown Pittsburgh prior to the scavenger hunt and they were wrapping up the day with dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s Restaurant, upon completion of the game. 

Since everyone was dressed in business attire, ladies in high heels and men in dress shoes, and it was a very warm day, Thrill of the Hunt gave the participants a small area to explore with tougher challenges.  Let’s not forget, we had time constraints to meet too.

team-building-scavenger-hunt-clark-hill-pittsburgh-pa-9-8-16v9No Social Media

Since Clark Hill is very strict with social media interaction for their employees, and everyone in the group wasn’t social media savvy, Thrill of the Hunt was instructed to exclude all social media challenges.  We can do that!

However, we did add a social challenge encouraging the participants to take group pictures, selfies and such to record their interactions and for a little added fun to be relived later.  Those who were connected on social media were able to post the pictures as desired.

No silliness

Clark Hill is a professional company.  They wanted to maintain their reputation by not asking the participants to do anything too silly or unprofessional during the scavenger hunt.  You got it!

Sometimes Thrill of the Hunt likes to be creative and unique, while using a variety of props such as hats and flags.  We try to move the participants out of their comfort zone to build unity, promote creative thinking and for sheer entertainment.  But this didn’t mean the same couldn’t be accomplished through other means.  Staying professional doesn’t mean boring.  On the contrary, Clark Hill said they enjoyed themselves.

team-building-scavenger-hunt-clark-hill-pittsburgh-pa-9-8-16v2Group Interaction

This was a team building exercise, with a special request.

Clark Hill’s out-of-state offices gathered in Pittsburgh to join forces with their Pittsburgh offices .  Many of these individuals never met, prior to that event, or they only communicated via email and phone.  Clark Hill wanted the scavenger hunt to act as a vehicle allowing everyone to get to know each other.  Easy!

Have Fun

Thrill of the Hunt included Pittsburgh trivia.  This was to add a Pittsburgh touch to the event and for simple fun, and slightly educational challenges.  After all, scavenger hunts are meant to be enjoyed and knowledgeable.

Like we’ve been saying all along, scavenger hunts are perfect for any event, or part of any activity.  The Touch of ‘Burgh’ Scavenger Hunt was planned in the itinerary to be sandwiched between all day meetings and training, and before dinner.  This was a great way for everyone to stretch their legs and see a little bit of the city, while interacting together.

See all the fun Clark Hill had on our Gallery page, Facebook and our Pinterest page.

Clark Hill was a great group!  We hope to work with them again.

Did you create your very own team building or company scavenger hunt, or did you participate in one?  Share your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Thrill of the Hunt exclusively develops and administers to themed scavenger hunts for public and private events such as team building activities, company outings, fundraisers and private parties.

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