Halloween is behind us, election has just concluded and now everyone is prepping for Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday!

Sure tackling Black Friday alone is an adventure, but what if you and your friends and family approached this chaotic shopping day slightly different this year?  How?  By creating a shopping scavenger hunt.  Get yourself and your crew in the Mission Impossible mode for the biggest heist ever.

Many die hard shopping fans do their research and scope out sales, giveaways and even outline a strategic plan of attack for various stores factoring in store hours.  So what’s a little more adventure?

This is a great idea for the younger members of the family and their friends.  An activity for Black Friday, while accomplishing a little shopping and spending time together.

As we’ve always stated, there are an infinite number of ways to develop a scavenger hunt.  Here are a few ideas and suggestions.


Thrill of the Hunt loves themes.  Themes help to narrow a focus, spark ideas and stay on track.  Plus, it’s just plain fun, depending on the theme!  Create a Black Friday theme based off of a movie or franchise, a toy, a cartoon, a video game, a book or a television show.  Perhaps the shopping experience is focused around a particular item or two. Here are a few themes for consideration:

  • Super heroes
  • Star Wars
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Pokemon

Or the theme can be revolved around an idea or principle, such as:

  • Frugal, saving money, biggest savings
  • Cooking, art, design
  • Most creative, unusual
  • Stealthy, ninja style shopping

Scavenger Hunt Vehicle

Depending on your participants and your technical skills, here are a few ways to execute your scavenger hunt.

  • Using a check list, the first one to complete the list wins or the one with the most check marks
  • Posting clues to social media to tackle, basically a digital checklist unless you have to find the clues online
  • Using a scavenger hunt app*
  • Single clue, taking the participants to the next clue and so on

Scavenger Hunt

Now for the meat and potatoes for your Black Friday scavenger hunt, the actual clues and challenges.  You can give riddles or rhymes to specific stores or for specific items.  It’s best to revolve the scavenger hunt around actual items needed such as a computer or a dress, or around people you need to shop for.  Maybe include a new store or a unique stop to the list to add variety.

Create the clues in a series of letters or numbers.  Perhaps the stores on your list are in an order as per their address, their names follow a flow, or use their store hours as the clues.  Whatever you decide, make sure your participants can figure it out.  If they can’t, don’t let them fail, offer additional clues or hints along the way.  After all, the day is also about shopping.

Good Deeds

Add a bit of goodness to your adventure by adding good deed challenges such as holding a door for someone, giving directions or shopping advice, paying it forward at the register, or simply spreading the holiday cheer.  Every good deed no matter how small goes a long way.


If your shopping in a historical area or a city, add in fun aspects offered such as a horse and buggy ride, a stop for hot chocolate, or a picture with a window display or sign.


Always include social challenges.  Everyone will enjoy watching the videos taken during the scavenger hunt and the pictures.  You can also take pictures of specific products and prices to alert your online followers to aide in their shopping experience.

Winning Criteria

Maybe you’re your friends, or even family members are looking to out shop each other with the best bargains.  Maybe the winner of the scavenger hunt found the best deal, or the person to spend the least to fill the same shopping list.  Of course, the winner could be the first person to tackle the list, or the person to reach the last clue first.  Whatever you decide, outline the criteria for winning prior to beginning the scavenger hunt.

End your scavenger hunt at a restaurant or inviting everyone over for dinner.  Make wrapping the gifts part of the scavenger hunt, the first person to finish wins the challenge.

Hopefully the scavenger hunt is fun and adds another element to the crazy Black Friday shopping day.  If you’re able to finishing your Christmas shopping at the same time, major bonus!

*Note:  Thrill of the Hunt is working on our very own scavenger hunt app, for anyone to sign up and use, either for your own scavenger hunt or for public scavenger hunts.   Check back!

Did you create your very own Black Friday scavenger hunt or participate in one?  Share your story with us!  Game@thrillofhunt.com.

If you’d like to learn more about our suggested themes and ideas, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.

Thrill of the Hunt exclusively develops theme scavenger hunts for public and private events such as team building activities, company outings, trade shows and dog scavenger hunts.

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