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How Much Room Is Needed to Host a Scavenger Hunt?

Being the trend setter on scavenger hunts, we’re asked all sorts of scavenger hunt related questions. This is one has been asked for private gatherings, corporate holiday events and team building scavenger hunts.  The question?  How much room do you need? To some this isn’t important, but it really is.  The size the area as well as your surroundings dictate…

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Places to Host a Scavenger Hunt

During the planning stages of a scavenger hunt event, Thrill of the Hunt was asked, “Where’s the best place to host a scavenger hunt?” Good question!  Our answer?  Everywhere, well almost everywhere with a few exceptions. The ideal scavenger hunt location is subjective.  Before planning your scavenger hunt location, you need to take a few details into consideration. Size of…

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