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Employee Advocacy Scavenger Hunt?

It’s true, scavenger hunts are fun and interactive games, which could be developed as an educational tool, too.  Did you know scavenger hunts serve many purposes? Scavenger hunts are used as a team building activity, a vehicle for an attention grabbing presentation, an effective way to educating employees, a means to driving traffic to your doorstep or booth, a nonthreatening…

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Office Football Scavenger Hunt Fun

Attracting qualified employees, and engaging them while addressing the multi-generational workforce can be a challenge.  Thrill of the Hunt believes in educating the office team, promoting creative ideas through adventure, offering problem solving opportunities, while having fun.  An easy way to accomplish this, is use excitement already heightened through major current events.  Like what? With the anticipation of Superbowl Sunday,…

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Reasons to Host a Scavenger Hunt

Some of the biggest questions asked of Thrill of the Hunt are, “What occasions are good for a scavenger hunt?” and “How can I incorporate a scavenger hunt into my event?” You know what I say?  Every occasion is the perfect reason to host a scavenger hunt!  Truly!  Over the years, Thrill of the Hunt has been a part of…

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