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Unique Ways to Create Scavenger Hunt Teams

Thrill of the Hunt is no stranger to the anticipation of a scavenger hunt and the fun of dividing everyone into teams. A scavenger hunt event can reach three and four digits, or as few as a dozen or less participants.  No matter the size of the overall event, there’s always a way to include everyone. What’s the next best…

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Increase Instagram Engagement with a Scavenger Hunt

Every marketing strategy contains a social media campaign or social media tools, at least it should.  The impact of social media for businesses who target both B2B customers and B2C customers are undeniably important. It’s not good enough to utilize and participate in social media, but selecting the right tool for your company or brand and distributing the right message…

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Loyalty Rewards: Millennial Focused Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a company, retail store or not, who deals with the public, directly or indirectly (basically every company), you’d better pay attention to the Millennial (ages 18-29) population. In a notable example from U.S. consumer survey research conducted by LoyaltyOne in September 2014, 84% of Millennials (age 18-29) said that being able to redeem rewards/loyalty program points for a…

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4th of July Scavenger Hunt Ideas

In honor of Flag Day, June 14th, Thrill of the Hunt is preparing for the Fourth of July celebrations. Did you know the design of the first official United States flag was approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777?  Harry S. Truman signed the Act of Congress to officially declare June 14th as Flag Day in the United…

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Employee Retention

Choosing the right hire is a key component to developing a solid workforce, and keeping that desired hire after training is another. Work environments and expectations have drastically changed.  More and more companies are offering a more liberal work schedule, the office atmosphere is geared toward the creative, energetic and playful, and work ethics and loyalties have shifted with the…

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Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt?

Maybe Cinco de Mayo is part of your family heritage or tradition, or maybe you like any celebration that involves a margarita.  Either way, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration, and with any celebration, a scavenger hunt can make it adventurous, interactive and fun. Thrill of the Hunt is all about themed scavenger hunts, and Cinco de Mayo is one…

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Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mother’s Day is certainly a holiday kept in the highest regards, for moms of every age.  The biggest question is “What to get mom for Mother’s Day?” That’s a valid question, one that’s repeated about this time every year.  Why not change things up a bit?  Like what? An unconventional Mother’s Day gift, that every member of the family could…

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A Scavenger Hunt Can Stimulate the Mind & Body

There are those who hate exercise, actually probably more than a few.  There are those who love to exercise, believe it or not.  Then, there are those who exercise not because they love it, but because they know it’s good for them. Exercise doesn’t mean, dressing in spandex and wearing sweat bands (I guess that’s the 80’s).  Nope, exercise can…

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Gain Followers & Increase Brand Awareness with a Scavenger Hunt

Like it or not, we’re surrounded and rely on digital devices, which is increasing due to the smartphone and digital tablet explosion.  Even watches are small ready to use computers! Thrill of the Hunt has embraced this technology to bring our scavenger hunts to a new level of fun and interaction by incorporating technology and social media for exponential fun. …

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