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Five Reasons Why You Should Participate in Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun. Even slightly addictive –remember Pokѐmon Go and how some people just had  to catch ‘em all? Scavenger hunts can take place anywhere too, indoors, outdoors and even online. The first online hunt being way back in 1992 and developed by Rick Gates to encourage people to explore online resources. Involving the collection of a list of items, solving…

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Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Adventure Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day Custom Scavenger Hunt Adventure With the mad rush of the Christmas season and New Year’s, we finally relax a bit before another holiday arrives.  Valentine’s Day.  For some, this might be a truly meaningful milestone day, while for other’s it’s a slightly celebrated or entirely dismissed holiday. Thrill of the Hunt has a couple ideas to bring…

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What’s the Thrill Ride Scavenger Hunt?

Thrill of the Hunt officially launched a new scavenger hunt recently, the Thrill Ride.  As we continue to grow, we’re adding unique scavenger hunt experiences to our portfolio, bringing the adventure to you. Thrill of the Hunt has taken the standard scavenger hunt and elevated it to a completely new theatrical experience never been done before.  The Thrill Ride is…

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Custom Scavenger Hunt Video

Thrill of the Hunt has given examples, suggestions, and ideas for all types of scavenger hunts and activities.  We’re certainly at no shortage of scavenger hunt possibilities.  However, we’ve never presented a scavenger hunt in motion, until now. Below is a video showing a custom scavenger hunt done for a teenager, my nephew, Kyle.  Take a peek at the past…

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Letter Writing & Bittersweet Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

Doing a quick Google search shows that the second week in January is Letter Writing Week and today, January 10th, is Bittersweet Chocolate Day, in addition to Houseplant Appreciation Day and Peculiar People Day. What an interesting combination.  How can you turn that into an adventure?  Easy, with a scavenger hunt of course. The winter months tend to keep people…

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Original Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Teen

Here’s an original scavenger hunt I created for my nephew for Christmas.  It rocked!  At least that was my perspective and from the enthusiasm and smile that radiated off of Kyle’s face, I’d say my assumption was correct.  Sure, a scavenger hunt can be done for any occasion or simply just for the heck of it.  This scavenger hunt was…

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How Much Room Is Needed to Host a Scavenger Hunt?

Being the trend setter on scavenger hunts, we’re asked all sorts of scavenger hunt related questions. This is one has been asked for private gatherings, corporate holiday events and team building scavenger hunts.  The question?  How much room do you need? To some this isn’t important, but it really is.  The size the area as well as your surroundings dictate…

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Thrill of the Hunt Turns 4!

Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt ~Established September 24, 2012 Happy Birthday Thrill of the Hunt!  Another year passes, and Thrill of the Hunt is continuing to grow and bring our one of a kind scavenger hunt experiences to public and private Thrill Seekers. What’s new with Thrill of the Hunt?  A lot.  Since last year, we’ve increased the number…

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A Team Building Scavenger Hunt – Pittsburgh Fashion

Last Thursday, Clark Hill PLC – Business Law Firm and Commercial Litigation – participated in a Thrill of the Hunt team building scavenger hunt.  The Touch of ‘Burgh’ Scavenger Hunt. With every team building and company scavenger hunt, Thrill of the Hunt addresses concerns, requirements and potential changes.  It’s all part of the game!  This custom scavenger hunt was no…

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