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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Right about now the corn mazes are trapping scared adventure seekers, the haunted houses are screaming with excitement and the Monster Mash is calling Halloween participants of all ages to dance and sing.  Want something new?  Try adding to this excitement with a unique and interactive Halloween scavenger hunt. Who you gonna call?  – Thrill of the Hunt! There’s nothing…

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Homecoming Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Colleges, universities and high schools are celebrating homecoming or are planning to do so.  How can you engage the students, alumni, communities and families with this celebration?  A scavenger hunt of course.  We’ve discussed Enticing College Students – Scavenger Hunt Ideas and now let’s focus on homecoming. Many times the homecoming festivities take place over several days and include many…

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Unique Ways to Create Scavenger Hunt Teams

Thrill of the Hunt is no stranger to the anticipation of a scavenger hunt and the fun of dividing everyone into teams. A scavenger hunt event can reach three and four digits, or as few as a dozen or less participants.  No matter the size of the overall event, there’s always a way to include everyone. What’s the next best…

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Team Building Company Picnic Scavenger Hunt

Summer is in full swing.  This is the season for company outings and picnics.  Depending on your organization, your sales team might be heavily involved with training, trade shows or conferences.  This is also the time of year when employees get restless and long to be outside soaking up the sun, as opposed to sitting at their desks struggling to…

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Increase Instagram Engagement with a Scavenger Hunt

Every marketing strategy contains a social media campaign or social media tools, at least it should.  The impact of social media for businesses who target both B2B customers and B2C customers are undeniably important. It’s not good enough to utilize and participate in social media, but selecting the right tool for your company or brand and distributing the right message…

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Enticing College Students – Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are many reasons why college bound students choose a school or specific schools to apply to, and ultimately choosing one they attend.  Variables such as location, cost, sports programs, financial aide and academic programs play a huge role in their decisions. According to a phone interview survey of roughly 800 current college students and 800 parents of college students,…

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Loyalty Rewards: Millennial Focused Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a company, retail store or not, who deals with the public, directly or indirectly (basically every company), you’d better pay attention to the Millennial (ages 18-29) population. In a notable example from U.S. consumer survey research conducted by LoyaltyOne in September 2014, 84% of Millennials (age 18-29) said that being able to redeem rewards/loyalty program points for a…

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4th of July Scavenger Hunt Ideas

In honor of Flag Day, June 14th, Thrill of the Hunt is preparing for the Fourth of July celebrations. Did you know the design of the first official United States flag was approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777?  Harry S. Truman signed the Act of Congress to officially declare June 14th as Flag Day in the United…

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Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt?

Maybe Cinco de Mayo is part of your family heritage or tradition, or maybe you like any celebration that involves a margarita.  Either way, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration, and with any celebration, a scavenger hunt can make it adventurous, interactive and fun. Thrill of the Hunt is all about themed scavenger hunts, and Cinco de Mayo is one…

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Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mother’s Day is certainly a holiday kept in the highest regards, for moms of every age.  The biggest question is “What to get mom for Mother’s Day?” That’s a valid question, one that’s repeated about this time every year.  Why not change things up a bit?  Like what? An unconventional Mother’s Day gift, that every member of the family could…

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