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Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Adventure Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day Custom Scavenger Hunt Adventure With the mad rush of the Christmas season and New Year’s, we finally relax a bit before another holiday arrives.  Valentine’s Day.  For some, this might be a truly meaningful milestone day, while for other’s it’s a slightly celebrated or entirely dismissed holiday. Thrill of the Hunt has a couple ideas to bring…

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Planning A Company Holiday Party?

Like it or not, we’re fast approaching September.  The close of September means the end of the third quarter.  What next?  This also marks the end of another year and the merriment of the holidays. Depending on the size of your company or organization, you might need to address your holiday party venue sooner rather than later. This may also…

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Perfect Rainy Day Activity – A Scavenger Hunt

A Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt is fun for all ages. It’s official, spring is nearly over and summer will soon be in full swing.  People are partaking in yard work, gardens, exercising outdoors, vacations and summers events.  That’s a lot to fit into just a few short months every year, depending on where you live.  So what happens when the…

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Teens

Need Easter fun for teens? We’ve talked about Easter Egg Hunt with a Scavenger Hunt Twist and the idea of reinventing the traditional Easter Egg hunt.  It’s especially important to offer an alternative to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt with those children who outgrew the younger kid stuff, yet are too young to be adults.  They need an activity focused…

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Spring Into a Scavenger Hunt

Happy Spring! In Old English, prior to Spring referenced by the same name, it was called Lent.  Later called “Springing Time” to the more commonly known name of today, Spring. Spring, the season between winter and summer when nature springs back to life. (pun intended)  Depending if you’re a winter or summer type of person and where you live, spring…

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Add a Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt to Your St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday of parades, green beer, and scavenger hunts? This celebration has so many possibilities for activities that involve adults, children, and the entire family. Let’s talk scavenger hunt.  I mean that’s what we excel in and it’s our expertise.  Plus, scavenger hunts are a great activity for age-specific participants or for a group with a…

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Letter Writing & Bittersweet Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

Doing a quick Google search shows that the second week in January is Letter Writing Week and today, January 10th, is Bittersweet Chocolate Day, in addition to Houseplant Appreciation Day and Peculiar People Day. What an interesting combination.  How can you turn that into an adventure?  Easy, with a scavenger hunt of course. The winter months tend to keep people…

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How Much Room Is Needed to Host a Scavenger Hunt?

Being the trend setter on scavenger hunts, we’re asked all sorts of scavenger hunt related questions. This is one has been asked for private gatherings, corporate holiday events and team building scavenger hunts.  The question?  How much room do you need? To some this isn’t important, but it really is.  The size the area as well as your surroundings dictate…

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A New Way to Black Friday – Scavenger Hunt Shopping Ideas

Halloween is behind us, election has just concluded and now everyone is prepping for Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! Sure tackling Black Friday alone is an adventure, but what if you and your friends and family approached this chaotic shopping day slightly different this year?  How?  By creating a shopping scavenger hunt.  Get yourself…

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Football Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Football of all levels is in motion, high school (nearly done), college and professional.  American footfall fans can be found far and wide, all over the world.  Sounds like the perfect theme for a scavenger hunt! Soon Superbowl LI will be upon us, February 5, 2017.  Take this time to add another activity to your football tradition of tailgating and…

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