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April Fool’s Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Many people may not celebrate April Fool’s Day, or perhaps you’re a true prankster at heart and you make it a point to outdo yourself every year.  Maybe there’s that one person who is at the top of your list to focus your energies on, or that one person you’ve been dying to get back from a previous prank. This…

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Easter Egg Hunt with a Scavenger Hunt Twist

Easter is right around the corner, and Easter egg hunts are in full swing. Most Easter egg hunts use those multicolored plastic eggs, filled with candy or even a little cold hard cash.  You know the drill, the adults hide the eggs, depending on the age of the children dictates the placement of said treasures, and the children equipped with…

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St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Green is definitely the theme of any St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt.  There are so many different ways to develop this type of game, especially with a fun adventure including rhymes, riddles and puzzles. The Theme Naturally, incorporating the color green is a must.  What else?  Depending on your heritage, either bust out your Irish roots with common Irish phrases,…

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day for Singles – Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us.  An event that occurs this time every year, celebrated by couples and dreaded by singles, generally speaking.  Thrill of the Hunt has ideas to enjoy the day, no matter your relationship status. Valentine’s Day for singles? Anyone can enjoy the holiday dedicated to love and romance!  Anyone!  More and more singles are getting involved…

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Ringing In the New Year With a Scavenger Hunt

The new year is just around the corner.  Sure, there’s the typical parties celebrated at all sorts of venues, inside and out.  But, why not add another dimension to these typical gatherings with a New Year’s Scavenger Hunt?  Then end the hunt with a big party full of balloons and confetti.  Perhaps the final clue on the scavenger hunt is…

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Christmas Party & New Year’s Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

‘Tis the season for Christmas and New Year’s parties.  Whether you’re organizing a company event, joining a family gala, hosting a reunion of friends, or planning a party for your organization or club, there are unlimited possibilities to making your gathering interactive and entertaining. Like what?  Try something new this holiday season, incorporate a scavenger hunt into your festivities.  Really? …

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