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Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Adventure Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day Custom Scavenger Hunt Adventure With the mad rush of the Christmas season and New Year’s, we finally relax a bit before another holiday arrives.  Valentine’s Day.  For some, this might be a truly meaningful milestone day, while for other’s it’s a slightly celebrated or entirely dismissed holiday. Thrill of the Hunt has a couple ideas to bring…

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Ski Club Scavenger Hunt

Any event can be turned into a scavenger hunt, even during the winter months. A ski club scavenger hunt?  Sure. Who We’ve talked about a Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt.  Well, the ski club from the Park Meadows Country Club from Park City, Utah decided to try it out.  They completed their first ski club scavenger hunt on the slopes at Deer…

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Planning A Company Holiday Party?

Like it or not, we’re fast approaching September.  The close of September means the end of the third quarter.  What next?  This also marks the end of another year and the merriment of the holidays. Depending on the size of your company or organization, you might need to address your holiday party venue sooner rather than later. This may also…

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Dog Scavenger Hunt, Annapolis, MD

Thrill of the Hunt hosted our 2nd Annual Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt in historic Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, October 29, 2016. How did it go? Extremely well!  The day was bright, sunny with blues skies and perfect mild temperatures.  It was a fantastic day to spend time with family, friends and dogs of all sizes while uncovering clues and…

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Enticing College Students – Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are many reasons why college bound students choose a school or specific schools to apply to, and ultimately choosing one they attend.  Variables such as location, cost, sports programs, financial aide and academic programs play a huge role in their decisions. According to a phone interview survey of roughly 800 current college students and 800 parents of college students,…

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4th of July Scavenger Hunt Ideas

In honor of Flag Day, June 14th, Thrill of the Hunt is preparing for the Fourth of July celebrations. Did you know the design of the first official United States flag was approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777?  Harry S. Truman signed the Act of Congress to officially declare June 14th as Flag Day in the United…

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Oscar Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Sample Clues

Unless you’ve gone completely off grid, in which case you wouldn’t even be reading this blog, the 58th Annual Grammy Awards of 2016 were held last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  What’s next?  The Oscars! The Oscars, or 88th Annual Academy Awards will be presented on February 28, 2016.  The biggest names in movies will gather…

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day for Singles – Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us.  An event that occurs this time every year, celebrated by couples and dreaded by singles, generally speaking.  Thrill of the Hunt has ideas to enjoy the day, no matter your relationship status. Valentine’s Day for singles? Anyone can enjoy the holiday dedicated to love and romance!  Anyone!  More and more singles are getting involved…

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Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt

Finally, the snow is falling, at least in the western Pennsylvania region.  Now’s the time for sled riding and building snowmen and partaking in good old fashioned snowball fights. (Perhaps with a little bit more snow.)  The snow sticking to the ground the is the most obvious sign to retreat to the ski resorts for a little downhill skiing and…

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