Trade Shows

Increase trade show traffic to your booth and increase your online footprint!

Offer a custom scavenger hunt for your next trade show for a truly memorable and unique experience.


Benefits.  A trade show scavenger hunt will allow your company to:

  • Educate your customers or prospects on your products, services or brand through a fun game
  • Increase traffic to your booth in a nonthreatening way
  • Promote interaction with your sales team and clients and prospects
  • Gain a qualified and accurate database including emails, easily
  • Incorporate partners and vendors as part of the scavenger hunt for a collaborated effort
  • Increase social media traffic to specific online sites with focused keywords
  • Drive traffic to specific areas on the trade show floor or within a booth
  • Utilize scavenger hunt images and photos to be used during the event and for post-event marketing efforts
  • Plus much more...

Pre and Post Marketing Efforts.  In addition to having an interactive and fun activity for your trade show, a scavenger hunt can actually begin during the pre-event marketing efforts and end with the post-event marketing efforts.  Be sure to promote the scavenger hunt by inviting key individuals to the scavenger hunt, issuing a single clue to entice the guests, or offer discounts or special prizes for participating in the scavenger hunt.  Wait a day or two upon conclusion of the trade show to announce the winners and make a big splash.   This is also where your company will get a lot of online traction with photo and video postings.  Be sure to have fun and engage your audience!

Vendors / Partners / Circulation

Want the trade show guests to circulate around the event, or call out specific activities or areas of interest?  Great!  A scavenger hunt will assist with those goals plus more.  A scavenger hunt can be used to incorporate other booths, companies, brands or even the participants and speakers.  Perhaps you want to guarantee your audience for your speaking engagement or Q&A session.  A scavenger hunt will do the trick.

How long does the scavenger hunt last?  Your custom scavenger hunt can take 1 - 2 hours to complete, be used as an all day activity, or for the duration of the trade show.  This is your preference.  The scavenger hunt can also have a hard start and stop time, or be executed when desired by the trade show guests, to be scored based on certain criteria later.


Thank you for considering Thrill of the Hunt!

* Thrill of the Hunt requires a 50% deposit at the time of the proposal acceptance and the remainder due the day of the event.
* Review our Terms & Conditions page for payment details and usage.