We’re always accepting applications!


kurt-angle-thrill-of-the-hunt-scavenger-huntLooking for a career with Thrill of the Hunt?

Thrill of the Hunt is always on the hunt (pun intended) for unique, creative and talented individuals, covering a slew of different disciplines, hobbies and interests. Yes, sometimes we’re in need of your extensive Star Wars knowledge, sports obsession, or classical literature background!

Thrill of the Hunt is interested in utilizing skills and insights from the following plus more (in no particular order):

  • Literature, English, Journalism & Communication
  • Marketing & Business (Social & Traditional)
  • Creative Writing, Copyrighting & Editing
  • Teachers on all Levels of Education – All Subjects
  • Video, Multimedia
  • Photography
  • Event Planning & Project Trafficking
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design, Maintenance, Coding
  • App Designer & Support
  • Business Development
  • Researcher & Fact Checker
  • Scavenger Hunt Event Administrator (Thrill Leaders)
  • Scouts – Scope Out Areas & Give Creative Direction & Ideas for a Scavenger Hunt
  • Consultants for Various Interests
  • Plus many, many more!

thrill-of-the-hunt-team-leader-scavenger-huntThose who have freelanced or interned for Thrill of the Hunt previously will be weighed heavily in their favor during the hiring process, similar to current military personnel and veterans.

Why do we do this?  Simply, we appreciate anyone who has a passion for Thrill of the Hunt and what we do.  This is our way of rewarding our Thrill Leaders.  Thrill of the Hunt also wants the opportunity to work with each individual to uncover his/ her strengths, and to ensure a position is available, best suited to the candidate, his/her  interests, and skills.  This type of arrangement gives the applicant a chance to work directly with Thrill of the Hunt, to properly review the job of interest (or possible future employment).  The candidate will know if Thrill of the Hunt is the right fit for them culturally and long-term, without commitment.

Thrill of the Hunt is very proud of our present and past service men and women.  Therefore, these qualified individuals take priority in our consideration, too.


thrill-leader-thrill-of-the-hunt-scavenger-hunt-seton-hill-universityThrill of the Hunt uses freelancers on all projects for many different needs such as graphic design, website maintenance, marketing support and scavenger hunt administration, to name a few.  All commissioned freelancers are added to Thrill of the Hunt’s freelance database of approved vendors.  When needed, freelancers with specific skills will be asked to give a quote for a project.

As a freelancer, when the opportunity for permanent employment with Thrill of the Hunt is presented, the freelancer’s work history will be heavily considered, if desired.


If you’re looking for a fun and creative release, and would like to be apart of an exciting scavenger hunt event, then join the Thrill of the Hunt team!  Our interns work on everything from scavenger hunt administration, to scouting out areas, to consulting on specific subjects and interests, to creating unique and challenging scavenger hunts, and marketing our events.

Interning for Thrill of the Hunt offers real world experience in a working environment.  This exposure may be used as a reference for other employment.


steelers-thrill-of-the-hunt-scavenger-huntIf you have a unique skill or a desire to work for Thrill of the Hunt, let us know.  Send us an email at Game@ThrillofHunt.com and answer the following question.  Add CAREER to the subject line of the email.  In the body of the email, add your first and last name, phone number and email at the top.  Specify if you’re looking for part-time or full-time employment, an internship, or freelance work.

Our application only requires the following question be answered in detail.  If we have an opening and want to learn more about you, then we’ll request your resume and cover letter.  Please don’t submit your resume at this time.

If you could be any mythical or fictional creature/person who would it be and why? (state where you referenced this creature/person ex. game, book, movie, imagination)  The more creative the better!

thrill-leader-thrill-of-the-hunt-scavenger-huntPlease note, we don’t judge based on your opinion or choice of subject.  We do judge you on your grammar, spelling, storytelling abilities and such.  Have fun!

Email your answer to Game@ThrillofHunt.com

If you’re really ambitious and creative, you’re more than welcome to capture our attention in other ways, either via email or snail mail.  Again, please don’t send your resume unless we ask.  We hope to hear from you soon!  Thank you for your interest in Thrill of the Hunt!  Good luck!

Thrill of the Hunt is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.